BizTech has had the Quality Management System – certification No. 6515-Q15-001PL
The introduced control and verification system involves analysis of the Students’ opinions, expressed in electronic surveys. Such survey system allows to carry out statistical analysis of classes, as well as to express individual opinions based on which reports are prepared.

We allow Clients to use the research-advisory-training offer with one supplier, which saves time and ensures cohesiveness of the activities. It translates into efficiency.

Competence development
We organize:
– Office Applications trainings for users
– IT Workshops on Microsoft, AWS technology
– Agile and Scrum Workshops

Examination Center
We are an examination center for world-renowned suppliers:

RedTrain – communication and education platform
Organizing and conducting courses is a complicated process. BizTech has a platform, the aim of which is to facilitate the work of persons organizing and conducting courses, as well as to allow the participants of the courses the access to e.g. informational and didactic material, or information related to the completed and on-going courses. We allow you to revise knowledge on Microsoft Office with the use of free tests, which can be done on our RedTrain platform.


Urszula Krajewska
Vice President of the Management Board for Education
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e-mail: urszula.krajewska[at]

Karolina Krajewska
Education Department – Sales
tel. +48 22 100 10 15
e-mail: karolina.krajewska[at]

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tel. +48 22 100 10 70
e-mail: szkolenia[at]