A very powerful tool to increase the security of organization data and a great help for auditors. Saving time and work of the IT department – the possibility of greater concentration on other activities!

BizTech specialists have developed solution
Share Access Controller System (SSAC)
A unique solution to effectively manage user accounts, which has two independent uses:
1. It allows to centrally manage and verify employee authorizations to folders and files.
2. It ensures conclusive affiliation of accounts in AD with accounts in Oracle databases and management of roles and system and object authorizations in Oracle databases.
SSAC does not require recording additions on the server or local system level, is completely autonomous and does not restrain the IT infrastructure. The system supports the complete process of granting and revoking authorizations to folders and investigates if the granted authorizations are still in force and if there are no exceptions from them.
SSAC ensures high savings for time and work of the IT department. It is a really powerful tool which improves security of the organization’s data and a significant aid for the auditors.
System Share Access Controller supports the implementation of Recommendation D (16 and 18) for banks and Guidelines (16 and 18) for insurance and reassurance, issued by the Polish Financial Supervisory Authority.


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