IT Support
BizTech provides IT support service by specialized teams.
They focus on the service of specific customers and their internal applications.
BizTech employees study the Clients’ work specifics, their business model, needs, IT infrastructure, and become an integrated part of the organizational culture of a given firm.
At the moment BizTech services more than 5000 work places of the Clients.
BizTech is technologically prepared to develop IT support service provision with almost no financial investment from the Client (no need to purchase a new switchboard or a software like Call Center).
Services provided within the scope of IT Support:
– Helpdesk
– Service Desk

Methodology for implementing outsourcing
Organizing IT service activities for customers, BizTech uses a rational approach to the project and supported its proven methodologies – primarily ITIL (Information Technology Infrastructure Library), MSF (Microsoft Solutions Framework) and PRINCE 2.
BizTech defines the services comprehensively, accurately setting goals. Next, determine the organization and roles in the project, how to implement and service parameters (SLA).
In the long term cooperation with clients, BizTech seeks to know his opinion about their services, implementing a customer satisfaction survey, whose results are used to working on improving the service. To cooperate with the customer BizTech innovative and flexible approaches, making the service a customer receives a well-defined and satisfies the requirements of business.

Competence outsourcing in IT
BizTech employs many specialists from the IT field, who are then assigned to projects carried out with the Clients. The team includes Programmers, System and Business Analysts, System Architects, Project Managers, Testers, Application Administrators, Helpdesk Specialist in I and II line. This service is used by the Clients who do not possess knowledge in a given technology, cannot employ full-time specialists, manage permanent Capex cost for the Opex operational costs.


Przemysław Blatkiewicz
Product Manager – Information Security
tel. +48 22 100 10 60
e-mail: przemyslaw.blatkiewicz[at]

Leszek Ryciuk
Key Account Manager
tel. +48 22 100 10 91
e-mail: leszek.ryciuk[at]

Andrzej Snopek
IT Sales Specialist
tel. +48 22 100 10 92

e-mail: andrzej.snopek[at]

Piotr Sosiński

Director of IT Outsourcing
tel. +48 22 100 10 20
e-mail: piotr.sosinski[at]