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Black Cargo – the Personal Data Anonymization Service
The Black Cargo consists of two modules: Black Cargo Masking and Black Cargo Scanning. Black Cargo Masking enables anonymizing personal data in databases.
By means of Black Cargo Masking, personal data such as name, personal ID numbers, NIP, address, bank account numbers, credit cards, etc., can be replaced with realistic values with appropriate features and structure. This process involves anonymizing personal data stored in the source database and creating a database that looks like a real database while maintaining relations between tables. Anonymization is performed by replacing personal data with data taken from dictionaries or generated by algorithms without the possibility of reversing this process. As a result, we get a database, or a script to generate it, containing anonymized data, which can be safely used for the purposes of application development and testing, training and analysis.
A supplement to Black Cargo Masking is Black Cargo Scanning, which allows you to search for personal data in the database based on comparing the data sample to dictionaries or validators.


Przemysław Blatkiewicz
Product Manager – Information Security
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Key Account Manager
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Specjalista ds. Sprzedaży IT
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