Audit and Consulting
The offer includes:
– Implementation of the Data Security Management System in accordance with the PN-ISO/IEC 27001 standard
– Data Security Audit
– Penetration Testing
– Application Security Audit
– Audit tools (Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner)

Protection of terminal equipment and server environment
BizTech offers endpoint and mobile protection solutions as well as Advanced Threat Protection sandbox solutions to protect against undefined threats that may occur on endpoint devices, mail or web portals.

We offer solutions protecting Internet and mail gateways:
– UTM systems: Fortinet, SonicWALL
– Gateways filtering mail traffic
– Security systems integrating with mail servers

BizTech specializes in backup solutions.
Thanks to our competences, we can adapt the offer to the needs of various organizations, taking into consideration their size, the variety of IT environment subject to backup, and budget capabilities.
To our Clients we offer the solutions of the firms: Veritas, Arcserve, Veeam.

Data archiving
Archiving systems are the answer to many of the problems that occur when storing large amounts of information. BizTech offers a Veritas Enterprise Vault solution for this purpose.

Data protection
Data protection is executed with the use of various tools.
The following strategies are popular methods of data protection against unauthorized access:
– management of authorization to folders and files,
– encryption of files and emails,
– using Information Rights Management or Data Loss Protection solutions.

BizTech offers solutions for all three strategies, which may be implemented in the Organization.
Our specialists created a very strong tool which improves protection of the organization’s data and which constitutes significant aid for auditors – System Share Access Controller (SSAC).

Safety rules training
BizTech provides to its Clients knowledge about new technologies in the area of IT security by organizing dedicated workshops, courses (conducted by traditional and electronic methods using the proprietary RedTrain platform) and webinars. The meetings are prepared and carried out in cooperation with partners, who are recognizable producers, conversant with security issues.


Przemysław Blatkiewicz
Product Manager – Information Security
tel. +48 22 100 10 60
e-mail: przemyslaw.blatkiewicz[at]

Leszek Ryciuk
Key Account Manager
tel. +48 22 100 10 91
e-mail: leszek.ryciuk[at]

Andrzej Snopek
IT Sales Specialist
tel. +48 22 100 10 92

e-mail: andrzej.snopek[at]